Finally, I know the fix to my poorly developed negs!


Seriously, if you are getting poorly developed negs, its most likely not a camera shutter issue, not the developer, it’s not the fixer, its most likely YOU doing some step wrong. Check every single step of the film development process.

For me, it was missing one step involved from extracting the film from the canister to getting it in the paterson tank. I was missing putting the spool in the mixing rod of the patterson tank. So the paterson tank was not light proof. Face palm!

While pouring chemicals in the tank, the film was exposed to light, ruining it in the process. Learnt this lesson 4 rolls later! Whew, glad its only 4 rolls. Feels good to debug this issue. The next roll will be the first one to actually confirm the fix, but at this point it’s a no brainer it will work.

Photo from the roll where I figured the issue while developing it. The last roll to have this issue.


Development disaster: Lady Grey roll + Kodak Xtol

I had shot a roll of Lady Grey (Lomography) on my Nikon F4 while cycling in and around my home – plenty of stuff here that catches my attention – old farms, new farms, road signs with creepers growing on them and other such stuff.

Development times mentioned in the Lomography website for a 1:3 dilution XTOL solution was 13 mins at 20C.

My tap water was at 25C, I had to obtain the new development times for 25C temp. DigiTruth said it was around 7mins. So I went ahead with that. Wrong call! Should’ve done some more research. Need check my thermometer too – if it’s working as expected.

The negative came severely underdeveloped! Lost most of the photos. Ugh!

Here’s one of the few photos I could salvage from the Lady Grey negative. Nothing great, so didn’t bother with too much Lightroom edits.


Well, you fail and learn. Just like with everything in life.

Hope to post some better results with XTOL. This was the first roll of film developed using Kodak XTOL developer. So don’t want to be too harsh on myself.


First 35mm color film developed

The Road to Unknown.jpg

Developed my first color film using C-41 process. This is one of the pictures I liked from the 36 exposures of Kodak Gold 200. I gave it the title – “The Road to Unknown” – appropriate for my journey into film photography. The film was a 200 ISO film but I had set my camera ISO to 400. And processed the film using Normal development resulting in grainier images – at least that’s my debug(computer engineer jargon) for the grain issue. Shooting film is exciting. I’m in the phase of shooting different kinds of film and finding out for myself which film speaks to me. I also got E-6 development kit today. So do plan to click some E-6 slide films as well!